Ever wondered why sometimes, something you hear, you forget after, unless it’s on repeat and practiced often; for instance a song- you don’t know the lyrics immediately unless it is repeated several times.

Now let us consider the visual side of this topic, what we see, we hardly forget. The movie you saw yesterday or the fight you witness is still 80% vivid in your mind in comparison to what you have heard, which might only be 55% stored in the brain. This means that for complete retaining and understanding of any given information, it is better to experience it visually. At TrustJoy we know this and we would like to enlighten you on the benefits attached to educational tours.

What is education?

It is the process of imparting and receiving skills, facts, judgement, information and knowledge formally or informally. With this understanding, let’s proceed to unpack the importance of this subject.

1. Promotes an interactive learning

Going on field trips helps students experience what they have been taught. The student is privileged to see with their eyes rather than read it from a book. They gather knowledge from the beginning to the end of the trip, and experience the different teaching techniques from another instructor other than their everyday teacher, which is something they are likely to find fascinating. There is always an opportunity to ask and answer questions in such a setting, and research shows that 90% detail is remembered afterwards.

2. Exposure

This is a fantastic opportunity for children who don’t get to travel often or for a student who is always inquisitive or loves travelling; they get to learn new things that could improve their judgement and choice of career.

3. Cultural awareness

Students could also see and experience the thrill of other cultures, thus developing their lifestyle by understanding the issues affecting the people of a particular niche and increasing their love for skill and prompting compassion.

4. Creates bond

Most of a child’s life is spent in the classroom and leaving the class even for a day excites them. There are opportunities to spend time in groups, learning, observing, chatting about all they are experiencing together.

5. Improves academic performance

Being able to see and experience everything that they have read from books also coupled with experiencing a new teaching style is an academic boost to student’s performance.

6. Promotes independence

Being away from home helps a student discover what it’s like to accomplish things on their own without home support; it creates self-awareness.

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