Industrial Tours


Industrial Tours

A great opportunity for students to get practical insight through various tours in strategic industries whilst encouraging advancement, innovation and better utilization of resources.

An industrial visit has its own importance in a career of a student who is pursuing a professional degree. The objectives of industrial visits are to provide students with insight regarding internal workings of companies . Theoretical knowledge is not enough for making a good professional career, with an aim to go beyond academics, industrial visits provides student a practical perspective on the world of work.


With the help of our Industrial Tours, you will not only expand your student’s world vision but also prepare them for the real world. Our tours come with the following benefits:

Learning how the working system works

theory is not enough to help the students to know what to expect in the working world, seeing the business system in action is more beneficial in helping them get a clearer picture of their career choices.

Connecting with current workers

the students will get an opportunity to engage with employees at different levels of the organization. There is nothing better than getting real-time testimonials of how industries work.

Real-time functional environment

they will get an opportunity to learn things practically in a real-time functional environment, witnessing the working methods and clarifying the doubts from experienced workers.

Readiness for employment

the visit will also give them an opportunity to learn about the organisational culture, recruitment process and life of an employee.

Preparation for the future

the students will learn how the world is changing and see how they can be part of it by planning their own future and pursuing their dreams.

TrustJoy celebrates our industries as iconic sites and major contributor’s to the country’s economy. 


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