Research Tours


Research Tours

A great way for students to analyse, prove a theory, contribute to developing and enhancing knowledge in various fields of study.

The aim of our Research Tours is to contribute in solving business world issues by creating platforms that enable sharing of knowledge and best practices amongst different stakeholders on certain topics. 


With the help of our Research Tours, you will not only expand your researcher’s problem-solving world but will also expose them to a world of endless innovative possibilities. Our tours come with the following benefits:

Managing today’s turbulent market

exposure to studies, tools and techniques that focus on developing skills set on managing under uncertainties, across cultures, in the 21st century

Stem research

programs are designed to link STEM curricula in experiential learning activities to engage the students in active learning

Access to subject experts

allow your group to take on iconic sights, combined with as many experiments, workshops and Q&A sessions with experts in their fields

 TrustJoy is affiliated with a number of local and international networks to ensure that all our tours are able to suit your unique vision and learning goals.


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