Tertiary Tours


Tertiary Tours

Empowering ordinary learners to become extraordinary while transforming them into global savvy citizens.

We empower educators to introduce their students to the world beyond the classroom and inspire the next generation of global citizens. We organise visits to Tertiary Institutions for secondary school students as a way of introducing them to the next stage of their education journey and re-ignite their desire to achieve their dreams and goals in life.


With the help of our Tertiary Tours, you will not only expand your student’s world beyond the classroom but also prepare them for a world after secondary school. Our tour comes with the following benefits:

Seeing how things work

tertiary institutions can be intimidating and foreign for students, offering them an opportunity to visit long before they have to apply can make the idea feel less scary and more appealing.

Connecting with life after school

the students get to see how life after secondary school looks like. They get exposed to how tertiary life feels like and the responsibilities that come with it.

Increasing the chances of succeeding

learning more about the institution in general, means students are more likely to be informed about the application process, what programs the tertiary institution offers, and how they can boost their chances of being accepted.

By Empowering The Next Generation

encourage our future leaders to understand who they are and see the possibilities available to them in shaping their future for the better.

TrustJoy embraces our Tertiary institutions, academies and skills centres as heritage sites connecting our historical background to our future. 


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